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Best Places to Visit in Ramer, Indonesia

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a nature lover, RAMER Island has many places to see and things to do. Explore Komodo dragons, the Bunaken Sea Park, and Pulau Lengkuas. You’ll have a memorable experience in this region of Indonesia.

Komodo dragons

If you are visiting Komodo National Park, the best time to visit is during the dry season, when the dragons are most active. In the rainy season, they are less active and conserve their energy, but you can still see them in their natural habitat. In August and September, they start digging nests, where they lay eggs.

The Komodo dragons are the dominant predators on the islands they live on, and they eat carrion. They are known to hunt deer, pigs, large water buffalo, and humans, as well as small members of their own species.

Komodo National Park is an important conservation site for the Komodo dragons. It protects the island of Komodo and several surrounding islands. The park contains over 2500 Komodo dragons, which can be viewed up close. The dragons live underground or in the shade and are extremely territorial. Komodo males rarely allow other males to cross their territory.

If you are travelling to Komodo Island, you may want to consider renting a boat to explore the island. You can either book a day tour or rent a speedboat to get to the islands. A slow boat will take you to Komodo National Park while a speedboat will take you to the islands. There are several options to choose from, and it is best to book in advance.

Bunaken Sea Park

If you are looking for a place to swim and snorkel, Bunaken National Marine Park is the place for you. This marine park is home to a myriad of marine species including sea turtles and dolphins. You can also see sharks and stingrays here, as well as beautiful nudibranchs.

The area is also home to several hiking trails and motor vehicle rentals. There are also two mosques and a Christian church on the island, as well as a kayak rental point. However, you should know that communication on the island is very poor and ATMs are nonexistent, so make sure to bring cash if you want to make purchases.

The Bunaken National Marine Park contains over 20 dive sites and is home to 13 types of coral reefs. These reefs rise steeply down to 25-50 meters in depth. The park also has 91 different types of fish and other marine life, making it ideal for scuba divers. You can take a breath-taking dive at any of the twenty diving sites here and witness the stunning beauty of the area.

Bunaken is also one of the best places for snorkeling. The south-west coastline of the island is home to some great spots. You can also take a kayak to the neighboring dormant volcano, Manado Tua. In addition to the scuba diving, you can enjoy snorkelling and the surrounding mangroves.

Gili Trawangan

You can spend your evenings on the island enjoying the clear blue water and the sunset. You can also get a massage at one of the many local spas. The massages start at around IDR 150,000 for an hour. You can also watch a movie on the beach.

Gili Trawangan is known for its beautiful coral reefs and diverse marine wildlife. Snorkeling here is world-class, and you can swim right from the beach. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a turtle. Turtles are most active in the morning, so early morning snorkeling is the best time to see them.

Travelers can get to Gili Trawangan via public or speed boats. The boats depart every day at 9 am and 15:20 pm. You can buy your tickets at the boat dock or at travel booths around the island. The prices for the public ferries are IDR 22,500, while the tickets for the fast boats cost IDR 85,000 and take 15 minutes.

Bicycle tours are also available. Most guest houses and hotels provide bicycles free of charge. You can also rent them from tour agencies on the main road of Gili Trawangan. Just remember to check the tire pressure and brakes of your bicycle before you head out. The roads in Gili Trawangan are very easy to ride. A great way to see the sunset over Lombok Island is to bike up Gili Trawangan Hill.

Pulau Lengkuas

Lengkuas Island is a beautiful island with clear turquoise water and a lighthouse. This island is small enough that you can easily circle it in under an hour. The lighthouse was built in 1882 by the Dutch Colony government and is still in use today. The island is also home to beautiful corals and several types of fish. Visitors should remember to bring snorkeling gear and a camera.

Lengkuas Island is a wonderful place to snorkel. You can find various types of fish and turtles on this island. There are also numerous rock formations, which are inhabited by different kinds of birds. In addition, you can take pictures of the green sea turtle, which lives in the lighthouse.

Pulau Lengkuas is a tiny island off the coast of Belitung. The island is dotted with giant granite boulders and a colonial lighthouse. The island feels like a Robinson Crusoe island and is very photogenic. You can reach this island by boat from Tanjung Binga or Tanjung Kelayang. Boats from these locations will take you to Lengkuas Island in about twenty to twenty-five minutes. During the holiday season, boat services will increase.

Tumpak Sewu

One of the best places to visit in Ramer is Tumpak Sewu, which means “one thousand waterfalls.” It’s located in the Lumajang region of East Java and is considered one of the best places to visit in Ramers. The area is still largely unspoiled, so it’s a unique adventure and is definitely worth visiting.

Visitors can walk down to the base of the waterfall, or they can go up to the viewpoint to catch the stunning view. While visiting the waterfall, it’s important to remember that it’s not safe to swim, so be sure to bring your camera. There are some areas in the area where you can take drone shots of the waterfall, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the entire area.

Tumpak Sewu can be reached by taking a bus or a train from Malang. A taxi will cost you approximately 500,000 Rupiah for the return trip. The journey should take about two to three hours depending on traffic. Remember that Google Maps does not give accurate travel times, so it’s best to pay a private driver or book a private car.

Wae Rebo Village

If you’re looking for an authentic cultural experience, Wae Rebo Village is the place to go. Located just 28 kilometers from the nearest village, Wae Rebo is only accessible by foot or by staying overnight. The isolation and remoteness of this remote village make it an ideal location for night photography. You’ll have a unique opportunity to experience life on a remote Indian island. You’ll also be able to learn about the local culture by staying with a local family. In fact, if you stay here, you’ll be able to taste the local cuisine and sleep on a traditional tikar mattress made of pandan leaves.

If you have your own vehicle, you can drive to Wae Rebo Village via the dirt road. The hike is a nine-kilometer loop that will take between three and four hours. You can hire a guide to guide you on the hike. Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks with you. The area is incredibly remote and has no cell phone signal.

Wae Rebo is a farming community. The locals grow rice, chicken, coffee, and salt. It has become a popular ecotourism destination, and its residents welcome visitors with open arms.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is an idyllic location for a romantic vacation or a relaxed vacation with family and friends. It offers beautiful beaches, snorkeling with turtles, and diving, while a party scene offers a unique opportunity to make new friends and have a good time. The island has two seasons, with the rainy season occurring from November to April. During these months, accommodations are cheaper and there are fewer tourists.

Travelers can reach Gili Meno from Lombok by public boat, which departs from Bangsal Harbor on Lombok. The cost of the ticket is around IDR 25k for a 25-minute ride. It is recommended to purchase the ticket from the official public boat ticket counter located in Bangsal, as it will protect you from being scammed. It’s also recommended to pay with cash, as ATMs are hard to find. However, some hotels do accept credit cards.

While on Gili Meno, tourists should not miss the chance to visit the salt lake, where they can observe amazing flora and fauna. In this region, visitors can spot rare blue kingfishers, tropical feathered creatures, and shy monitor lizards.

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