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Why Messenger Bot App Has The Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Messenger Bot is a fast-growing and highly effective tool for business owners to communicate with their customers. It uses AI to automate and improve customer service.

A Facebook messenger chatbot is a messaging app that can respond to customer queries instantly 24×7.

Rogers Wireless, a Canada-based wireless provider, used a Facebook messenger chatbot to increase their customer satisfaction by 65 percent.


Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot has become an indispensable tool for small businesses and large enterprises to boost customer engagement. The app is used by billions of people, and it provides a convenient way for customers to reach out to your business.

In fact, people are 3.5 times more likely to open a message than a marketing email, according to Headliner Labs. This means that the messaging service can be used as an effective part of a marketing strategy, especially when combined with ads to target high-intent customers.

A great example of a successful Facebook Messenger chatbot is Fandango’s, which allows users to purchase movie tickets from their bot. The bot is loaded with helpful tips and tricks, as well as a wealth of knowledge about the process of buying a ticket.

Another popular example of a successful bot is Google Ads, which uses a chatbot to answer questions about its products and services, as well as provide support and advice. The bot also automatically connects with a “human” support agent when it can’t properly answer a question.

Other examples include Sephora’s chatbot, which lets customers schedule appointments for services in-store without having to call or email a customer service representative. It offers a series of questions that help customers choose the location and type of service they’re looking for, followed by a scheduling pop-up that allows them to select a time.

The beauty brand also uses augmented reality for its chatbot, which allows people to try on the brand’s products before they buy them. This chatbot has helped the company boost sales by up to 58%.

One of the best ways to get people to engage with a chatbot is to make it fun. This is where the REVE Chatbot platform comes in handy.

REVE Chat is a comprehensive tool to build, deploy and monitor your Facebook Messenger chatbot. Its intuitive dashboard provides complete control of the entire bot communication process. You can set the priority of your bot and human agents for seamless interaction, as well as select your desired accuracy levels.


Facebook Messenger chatbots are a great way to interact with customers in real time. They offer personalised attention, solve queries instantly, build loyalty and help businesses grow their business.

The best chatbots have the capability of identifying people’s intent and communicate with them in human-like conversations using ML and NLP. They also make use of rich visual elements such as buttons, quick replies, and carousels to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Moreover, they also enable you to connect with your customers in multiple languages. It’s important to integrate this feature into your bot to ensure a smooth customer experience and to avoid the need for human intervention when complicated issues arise.

You can set up your chatbot by creating a page on your website and linking it to Facebook messenger. This will allow your users to send messages to your bot via a single click. Then, you can start sending automated welcome messages to your incoming users and follow-up messages to those who are already in your database.

Another benefit of using a messenger bot is that it’s highly scalable, allowing you to add as many messages as you need. You can even customize the conversation flow to suit the needs of your audience.

The most effective chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize people’s intent, understand their questions and provide answers. They also have the capability of understanding emotion and conveying this effectively.

In addition to this, they can be customized according to your brand’s tone and style. Some brands use them to promote new products, while others use them for customer service.

For example, Sephora uses the Facebook Messenger platform to give their customers an easy way to schedule appointments. By automating this process, Sephora is able to free up their employees’ time to focus on meeting customers personally.

If you’re looking for a tool to help your team manage Facebook messenger, ItsAlive is one of the best options out there. This tool has been specifically designed to intercept incoming messenger messages and to make sure that they are handled in the most effective manner possible.

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Why Messenger Bot App Has The Best facebook messenger chatbot?

With over 1.2 billion active users, Facebook Messenger has become the preferred choice for businesses and customers to communicate. With the rise of AI, machine learning, business automation tools, and chatbots, Facebook Messenger is one of the most advanced channels for businesses to connect with their customers.

For businesses looking to increase user engagement, it is imperative to integrate a Messenger bot with their business. Not only can these bots help businesses engage their customers in a personalized way, but they can also reduce customer support costs.

There are a variety of tools that can help you build a Facebook Messenger chatbot, but the easiest way to do it is by using third-party bot building platforms like Chatfuel and Manychat. These platforms have intuitive visual interfaces that make it easy to build a bot without requiring any coding skills.

In addition to creating a chatbot, these platforms will allow you to train the bot on a regular basis by providing FAQs that answer common questions that the bot might encounter during its development. This will help your bot to identify the intent of your customers and interact with them in an efficient manner.

These chatbots can be customized to fit the brand and product that you are offering. You can create a bot that asks users a series of questions to get the most relevant answers, or one that provides personalized recommendations.

A good example of a Facebook Messenger chatbot that uses this approach is the travel-fare aggregator Kayak, which offers users the opportunity to input their preferences to find the right flights and hotels for them. Once the user clicks “Get Started,” the bot immediately prompts them to add additional information about their trip, allowing it to provide more tailored recommendations.

Another benefit of using a bot is that it can be a 24-hour support channel for your customers. If the bot cannot answer a question or resolve an issue, it will offer a human handover to take over the conversation and resolve the issue.


Whether you’re looking for a simple bot to handle customer service or you want a chatbot that can generate leads, the best facebook messenger chatbot app is an affordable and quick-ROI solution. A good bot will help your business get in front of more customers, save you time and money, and improve your bottom line.

A great bot will also build your brand and help you connect with new audiences. National Geographic, for example, uses a greeting message with a fun trivia game to make it easier for new visitors to understand their brand and get started with conversations. LEGO, on the other hand, utilized a personalized shopping quiz to provide recommendations for gift-giving, and earned back their investment six times over!

Another cost-effective way to reach your audience is through click-to-Messenger ads. According to MobileMonkey, a Facebook Page send-to-Messenger ad can generate leads at 30-50x lower costs than other ad channels like FB desktop ads.

If you’re ready to take the leap, the first step is to choose a bot building tool that will make it easy to create, manage and deploy your own Facebook messenger chatbots. There are a variety of platforms to choose from, including many that have already made a name for themselves in the chatbot market.

For those who are just starting out, a free trial version with limited features is enough to get your bot up and running. For more subscribers, priority support, audience insights and data management features, you can pay for a paid plan.

The best facebook messenger chatbot app will also have a solid user interface that makes it easy to customize your bot. You can also use a persistent menu feature to ensure users can navigate to the right place in your bot if they misclick or click on the wrong part of the conversation.

A good platform will also allow you to easily track analytics, such as how many people have interacted with your bot and how they engaged with it. It’s important to keep an eye on your performance, so you can tweak your strategies and optimize for success.

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