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Some people might find the idea of listening to songs about witchcraft and voodoo ludicrous. After all, these songs are about the occult, and the practice of witchcraft is not a good idea. Nevertheless, some of these songs are well worth listening to. Here are some examples:

‘Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’

The song “I Put a Spell on You” was written and recorded by Jalacy “Screamin’ Jay Hawkins” and is a well-known example of this genre. It has since been selected as one of the 500 Songs of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Hawkins’ song was originally written as a love ballad, but he got blackout drunk on the recording session and realized he could do so much more with screaming than his normal blues-style voice. He turned to his training in opera and used his soprano voice to create a powerful track. The song went on to sell a million copies.

Hawkins’ version of ‘Ol’ Man River’ is an epic number that alternates between fast lounge-jazzy passages and slow gospel-style prayer passages. His delivery of the lyrics, “I’m tired of livin’ but scared of dying,” is remarkably moving. And it’s all done without any clowning.

In addition to being a talented singer, Hawkins was also a filmmaker, actor, and film producer. He was a pioneer in rock & roll and a pioneer of the genre. His music has been regarded as spooky, and he’s a well-known icon of this genre.

Hawkins’ song ‘I Put a Spell on You’ was released in 1956. His song was so powerful, it got him banned from a variety of radio stations. However, its success increased his popularity. Eventually, Hawkins acted in a biopic of Alan Freed. His song ‘I Put a Spell on You’ was used in the soundtrack of the film. The song also got Hawkins cast as a hotel clerk in Jim Jarmusch’s movie, ‘Mystery Train’.

‘Season of the Witch’

The opening theme of the popular television show Britannia is “Season of the Witch,” a song by Scottish singer Donovan, which first appeared on the Sunshine Superman album in 1966. However, the song wasn’t released in the UK until June 1967, when it was credited to Shawn Phillips. The episode focused on the relationship between witchcraft and lore, and how the two can be reconciled while practicing witchcraft.

Throughout the story, we see the conflict of a young girl accused of being a witch. The witch has the power to curse people, and she has the ability to make people ill. The church believes this young girl is responsible for the outbreak of the Black Plague. However, despite Behman’s reluctance to commit the crime, the Cardinal asks him to deliver the girl to the abbey so that the monks can perform a ritual that will help the ailing church end the plague.

In the second half of the play, a priest named Nicholas Sidi, who lives in Villach, Austria, has a vision of a demon in the woods. He tells the witch to come to the abbey, where a copy of the Book of Solomon is held. If the book of Solomon is destroyed, an age of darkness will come upon the world.

In ‘Season of the Witch,’ Behmen and Felson visit Hagamar in prison, where she is a prisoner after defrauding Church officials. The accused Black Witch tries to sway Behmen into believing that she is innocent. Behmen, in disguise as a knight, tells Hagamar that if she guides the party to Severac, the bailiff of the town will grant her a full pardon for guiding the party to the island. He warns her to not try to flee and be slain by the accused Black Witch.

‘Cupid Carries a Gun’

The song “Cupid Carries a Gun” by Marilyn Manson was released as the third single from the album The Pale Emperor (2015). Its macabre lyrics and music are reminiscent of the occult and the sex crazed witches of Salem. It has a frenetic beat and might make you feel like you’re having a panic attack in a low-flying plane. It might even make you think that you’re a witch on trial.

While the lyrics aren’t terribly original, it’s a great example of mystical imagery in rock music. Rhiannon mentions a witch familiar and says “She takes me to the wi”d.” It was also featured in the first season of the American Horror Story TV show.

The lyrics aren’t original, but they are surprisingly creepy and spooky. The song has an uncanny quality, which makes it a perfect choice for Halloween parties. The song’s wacky and weird atmosphere made it a perfect fit for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie remake.

‘Witchcraft Song’ is another classic song that is appropriate for the Halloween season. The song’s message is sympathetic to the many women accused of witchcraft throughout the centuries. It starts off with a chorus of voices telling a witch to wake up, and ends with the witch being saved from drowning.


The songs Rhiannon SONGS ABOUT WITCHERY AND VOODOO contain a lot of mystical imagery. For example, in one of her songs, she talks about a woman who has been taken by the wi”d. Another song describes the execution of a witch. The song also mentions the water and stones that witches are associated with.

The music and lyrics are enchanting. John Martyn skillfully mixes folk instruments and melodic chants with enchanting lyrics. It sounds like a song you would hear at a renaissance fair. “A Witch’s Promise” captures the magical elements of witchcraft.

The lyrics of the song ‘Witchcraft Song’ are one of the most evocative songs about witchcraft and voodoo. It’s the perfect song for a cool cat to dedicate to his or her black magic babes on Halloween. Despite its dark subject matter, it’s sympathetic to all the women who have been accused of witchcraft through the centuries. In the chorus, a medley of voices urges the witch to wake up.

The lyrics are very dark. The album features some songs by Queens of the Stone Age and The Cure. The album’s title track, ‘Burn the Witch’, is dark and creepy. It’s also about the witchcraft trials of Salem. Suspects were tied up and thrown into rivers. The idea was that the death would prove their innocence. While the song may be dark, it’s very catchy.

‘Black Magic’

If you’ve ever wondered what ‘Black Magic’ is about, you’re in luck. This song about witchcraft and voodoo has many references to the supernatural. Florence Welch proclaimed to be a practicing witch, but soon gave up and dedicated her energies to making music instead. It’s a song about witchcraft, voodoo, and magic, but it’s also fun to listen to.

It’s a timeless classic that traces its roots in New Orleans. Joan Baez first recorded the song in 1933, and Bob Dylan recorded it early on. Regardless of its origins, the song has been associated with witchcraft and voodoo, even appearing in American Horror Story’s Coven series.

This song about witchcraft and voodafidel worship is a song about witchcraft and a powerful witch, and its lyrics are inspired by folklore from different parts of the world. The lyrics are very evocative and depict powerful witchcraft. They also make you feel good and strong.

Iron Maiden’s seventh studio album takes inspiration from the occultist Aleister Crowley. The song is about a witch and a magician fighting for a child. The lyrics tell a story about the battle between good and evil. The protagonist is attempting to save the world from being destroyed by evil. But, she’s not the only rocker to incorporate occult themes into his music.

David Bowie held deep beliefs in witchcraft. He even hired a witch to get rid of a curse that he believed he had. His belief in witchcraft may have been linked to delusions from his cocaine abuse. He even thought that he might have a devil baby.

‘Dolly Dagger’

‘Dolly Dagger’ is based on the story of Devon Wilson, Jimi Hendrix’s girlfriend who committed suicide in 1971. She blamed herself for Hendrix’s death. According to James Lough’s book, Wilson gave Hendrix his final dose of heroin. So, ‘Dolly Dagger’ has some interesting lore.

‘Dolly Dagger’ is sung by Jimi Hendrix. It is found on the album Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection. The song’s duration is 04:45.

A song about witchcraft and voodo has been around for a long time. In the past, witches were burned at the stake, drowned in rivers, and even pop stars have been accused of witchcraft. Throughout history, music has reflected every version of the witch. From mid-century folklore tales to confessions of casting love spells on a crush, music has chronicled the evolution of the witch.

The song ‘Beverly Hills’ is another song that’s linked with witchcraft. This timeless song is supposedly about a woman trapped in a brothel. The song has become a witchy classic and is also used in the American Horror Story’s Coven series. The original version of the song was recorded in 1933 by Joan Baez. The Animals’ version was credited to the British band The Animals.

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