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Songs About Witchcraft and Voodoo

If you’re looking for songs about witchcraft and voodoo, you’ve come to the right place. You can find songs from a wide variety of genres, including ‘The Boss’ by Stevie Nicks and ‘The Witch Queen of New Orleans’ by Redbone. These songs are all incredibly evocative, and you may just want to sing along.

‘Season of the Witch’ by Fleetwood Mac

‘Season of the Witch,’ written by Scottish singer Donovan, was first released on the Sunshine Superman album in 1966. It is attributed to both Donovan and Shawn Phillips, though Phillips has disputed the authorship. The song was later used as the opening theme for the British television series Britannia.

While there are many songs that reference witchcraft, few have a more appropriate theme than Halloween. This song is a classic, albeit slightly more spooky, choice for a Halloween party. The song is a Frank Sinatra standard and is particularly spooky. However, Robert Smith’s version of the song is the most enchanting. The song’s wacky sound makes it an ideal choice for Tim Burton’s remake of the Frankenweenie.

The spooky nature of the song isn’t surprising – Fleetwood Mac had many vacancies when Nicks joined the band for its 1975 self-titled album. They also had a cult guitarist and a plethora of vacancies. Nicks had a long association with witchcraft and even performed a song featuring a witch.

‘The Boss’ by Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks’s unapologetic sexy persona has attracted the ire of male rock critics. She embraced a fiercely defiant aesthetic in her music and has struggled with weight loss and addiction. Her defiantly feminine image was a striking departure from the macho aesthetic that dominated early music criticism.

While some people believe that Stevie Nicks practiced witchcraft, it’s unlikely that she was a witch. However, some of her songs do seem to imply that she had a hand in the darker arts. Regardless, Nicks’ career in music and on television demonstrates her steadfast commitment to her image.

Nicks’ feminist credentials have made her a feminist icon. She has founded a foundation called the Soldier’s Angel Foundation that aims to help wounded soldiers through music. To this end, she gives soldiers music-filled iPods. Her music-filled iPods are an empowering tool for wounded soldiers. She’s also a master of the ethereal and celestial twirl and proves that strength and vulnerability aren’t mutually exclusive.

‘The Witch’s Promise’ by Benefit

‘The Witch’s Promise’ by Jethro Tull was released as a single on the Chrysalis label in 1970 and became one of the band’s biggest hits. The single peaked at number four in the UK Singles Chart and was promoted on television shows like Top of the Pops. In the US, a shortened version of the song was included on the band’s album Benefit.

“The Witch’s Promise” was originally supposed to be the group’s last standalone single. However, lead singer Kim Anderson announced that they would release singles from future albums for radio play. Although they weren’t particularly interested in promoting their singles, ‘The Witch’s Promise’ was later included on the Living in the Past compilation.

‘The Witch Queen of New Orleans’ by Redbone

‘The Witch Queen of New Orleans’ is a song written by Native American musician Redbone. It was released on the band’s third album, Message From a Drum. The song peaked at #17 on the Kent charts and at #92 on the Top 100 of 1972. It is about a nineteenth-century New Orleans voodoo practitioner. The song has influences of New Orleans swamp pop and R&B.

‘Season of the Witch’ by Donovan

“Season of the Witch” is a song written by Scottish singer Donovan, which first appeared on his album Sunshine Superman in 1966. Although it was not released as a single, the song quickly became one of Donovan’s best-known tunes. The song has been covered numerous times and remains one of the most popular songs of the 1960s. The classic recording was also used as the opening theme of the British TV series Britannia.

In recent years, Donovan has been active on the music scene. He has released a “green” album in honor of the Great Thurnberg and collaborated with filmmaker David Lynch on songs. “Gimme Some A That” and “I Am The Shaman” are two songs that the singer wrote with Lynch. Season of the Witch 2 is expected to be released on October 29, 2021.

‘Broken English’ by Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard’s song ‘Broken English’ about Witchcraft and Voodo has been described as a “sick song about the occult.” The lyrics are about a man who is enchanted by a black cat and goes to a gypsy witch to break the spell. However, the gypsy turns out to be the original witch who cast the spell on the man. The song warns the listener to beware of this devil woman.

‘The Witch Hunt’ by Louise Huebner

‘The Witch Hunt’ by Louise Hübner is a delightful read that’s perfect for fans of contemporary romance. While the book has a modern, campy feel, the witchcraft that takes place within is surprisingly serious. This novel makes references to traditional Egyptian, Turkish, Sicilian, and even sex magic practices.

Huebner, a self-taught witch, has been a prominent figure in the world of witchcraft since her early childhood. Her work has been widely published and she has been called the “Official Witch of Los Angeles County”. She was well-known for her belief in the importance of sex in witchcraft. Huebner was known to lead a mass ritual at the Hollywood Bowl to savor the city’s emotional vitality. Her psychedelic-infused spellcraft has been sought-after by occultists.

The plot is an exciting and entertaining mystery that will have you turning pages for hours. The characters are well-developed, and a number of twists are woven in to keep the story moving forward. Louise Huebner’s enchanting prose will make you want to read more of the book.

‘The Witch Hunt’ by Marilyn Manson

‘The Witch Hunt’ by Marilyn Mansion has been a dream of the conservative right since the mid-1990s, and it’s finally coming true. The right is sharpening its pitchforks and rifling through Manson’s lyrics and music videos, pointing to art as evidence.

A new song by Marilyn Manson will be featured on the soundtrack of the popular TV show Salem. It’ll be used in the title sequence and will premiere in the second episode on April 27. It’s the first time Manson has used a song on a television series.

Marilyn Manson will also guest star in the WGN America drama, Salem. He will play the role of a barber and surgeon named Thomas Dinley. Thomas Dinley is a go-to man for people in Salem who need a haircut or surgery. As such, he’ll be the ultimate barber and surgeon for Salem.

‘Seduction Through Witchcraft’ by Louis

The legendary psychedelic jazz singer Louise Huebner was the self-proclaimed witch of L.A. Her album ‘Seduction Through Witchcraft’ combines synthesizers and spoken word to produce a hypnotic listening experience. Produced by Louis and his partner Bebe Barron, ‘Seduction Through Witchcraft’ was originally released by Warner Brothers in 1969. Later, the album was reissued on C.D. and vinyl in 2007.

Despite being a bit dated in its production, ‘Seduction Through Witchcraft’ is a great listening experience. The songs cover a variety of topics including Introduction – Gods and Demons, Turkish Bean Spell, Sun Sign Amulets for Spiritual Protection, and Seduction Spells from Around the World.

The music score was created by the late Bebe Barron and Louis Barron, two pioneers in electronic music. Their late wife, Mentor Huebner, was a leading Hollywood production illustrator and contributed some of her uncredited designs to the soundtrack. Despite its unique style, ‘Seduction Through Witchcraft’ is one of Louis and Bebe Barron’s lesser known works. Indeed, the album is so obscure that it has no Wikipedia page. Most online sources ignore it entirely.

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