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I Dream Clean Has The Best Maids In Chicago

Why I Dream Clean Has The Best maids

If you are in search of the best maids in Chicago, you have come to the right place. Here are some things to consider before hiring a dream clean company. Listed below are the qualities of the ideal employee, the best place to work, and tips for protecting your home from cross-contamination. Read on to find out why I Dream Clean has the best maids in Chicago. Let us help you choose the best maid for your home!

Ideal employees

Turnover in the cleaning industry is a perennial problem. In the past, cleaning contractors have tried to increase employee pay, but this rarely works. The best way to retain employees is to develop them. Hiring new employees often costs more than retaining existing ones, and companies frequently complain that they’ve wasted money by hiring people who aren’t right for the company. Instead, develop existing employees to fulfill their potential and make them feel like part of a team. To achieve this, consider incorporating “The Dream Manager” program.

Great place to work

I Dream Clean is a great place to work. They pay excellent wages and have caring management. The downsides are that they don’t offer benefits or enough hours to support a family. The van isn’t very safe either, and the pay isn’t enough to support a family. However, if you don’t mind these things, Dream Clean might be a good choice for you.

Tips to protect your home from cross-contamination

When hiring a cleaning company, it is essential to ensure proper sanitation. Using old clothes to clean your home will accelerate the cross-contamination process and spread germs throughout your house. Cleaning materials should be of the highest quality. For example, microfiber cloths capture 99% of dirt and pathogens, whereas cotton only catches 33%. Using these precautions will help you feel safer during the cleaning process and prevent cross-contamination.

The use of different cleaning supplies is essential to avoid cross-contamination. This is especially important in hospitals and restaurants, where bacteria can spread from one surface to another. Using different cleaning supplies also helps prevent the transfer of bacteria. Make sure the cleaners wash their hands frequently and replace cleaning rags after each use. Also, make sure to vacuum the carpet thoroughly after each cleaning to avoid any buildup.

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