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Benefits of Himalayan Salt – Table Salt

Himalayan salt crystal is a healthy alternative to regular table salt. It’s full of essential trace minerals and nutrients that can help improve your health in a number of ways. If you’re not sure which types of Himalayan salt are high in calcium and magnesium content and other trace elements like sodium, potassium and phosphorus, check out this list of recommended salts.

himalayan salt rock

Himalayan salt crystal has been shown to have positive effects on the skin’s health. A study published in Clinical Chemistry found that it reduced wrinkles by activating cell death cells. This is because it helps block the formation of free radicals that are key in causing damage to our cells. A Himalayan salt lamp can produce negative ions that counteract these effects.

According to Health Canada, Himalayan salt rocks are a good choice because the pink hue is actually due to iodine, which is naturally present in the rock. Iodine is required for the body to produce the hormone that helps maintain our metabolism. Without iodine, the thyroid doesn’t work properly and can lead to poor muscle growth and fatigue. Another element in the rock that aids the thyroid’s function is zinc. In addition to its role in maintaining proper thyroid function, zinc is essential for growing nails and hair, improving the color of the eyes and helping with inflammation and wounds.

Other benefits of using a himalayan salt rock include promoting bone strength and joint health. Rock salt contains numerous minerals, many of which are also essential for our health. By increasing our intake of these trace minerals, we can help to improve our overall health. For example, calcium helps to build stronger bones and the mineral magnesium is essential for maintaining proper nerve and muscle function.

Negative ions are produced by our bodies as a byproduct of carrying out physiological functions. When we breathe, these air particles are held in the lungs and transported through the bloodstream. In a similar way, sodium and potassium are used as electrical charge carriers by cells in our body. When negative ions are present in the air, our bodies experience a lack of electrolytes and the cells tend to shut down. A positive alkaline mineral concentration can stimulate this effect and restore normal electrolyte levels in the body.

Although most people think of himalayan salt as an alternative to table salt when shopping for foods, the mineral impurities it contains are beneficial for our health. It is a great alternative for sea salt because it has a much higher mineral content. In fact, it is higher than many of the commercially available salts on the market. Because of this, the salt does not add to the food’s salt content and therefore does not increase the amount of sodium chloride you take in. This makes it an excellent alternative for those with sodium-intolerant conditions, such as people who have kidney or blood pressure problems or are pregnant.

Other than its benefits for your health, many people use the salt for decorative purposes. Many restaurants and catering companies use the rock to enhance the color and texture of their foods. This is because the minerals in the salt can make meats and vegetables appear pinkish or orange. When you place a piece of this rock on a surface, it produces a lovely glow. This effect can be applied to nearly any type of food. Some people even use the pinkish himalayan salt in place of regular table salt when cooking to add that special flavor.

Himalayan pink salt benefits not only your health, but the health of your family. The magnesium, potassium, sodium and other trace elements found in it provide your body with many important nutrients. When you choose to use the salt in the manner mentioned, it gives you and your family healthier foods while adding a nice color to the dishes. These benefits make the pink salt a great choice for table salt, and a great gift idea for anyone on your shopping list.

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